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Logistics in Namibia is an important industry that plays a key role in the country's economy. It involves the transportation, storage and delivery of goods and services from one point to another. Logistics services in Namibia are provided by a number of companies that specialize in freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution. These companies have the expertise to handle and manage the movement of goods and services efficiently, safely and cost effectively.

Logistics in Namibia offers a wide range of services including storage, inventory management, transportation, warehousing and distribution. Companies in this sector have well-developed infrastructure and modern technology to ensure the timely and safe delivery of goods from one point to another. Companies also offer services such as customs clearance, freight forwarding, third-party logistics, and other value-added services.

The Namibian government has been actively supporting the development of the logistics sector by introducing incentives and providing grants to companies investing in the sector. This has resulted in the establishment of several logistics hubs in the country, providing further opportunities for businesses to expand their services.

Logistics in Namibia is a key enabler of economic growth and development, as it helps to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and provides access to markets. It therefore plays a crucial role in the success of businesses in the country.